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Welcome to Token Metrics Reivew - an honest review of Walk Through of My Experience

Welcome to my review of where I review my experience with Token Metrics. I will walk you step by step on my journey through trading and investing using Token Metrics. Then you can decide if this is the right tool for you to use in your investing/trading strategy. Note, I am not a financial advisor and none of the content on this website is to be used as financial advice. 

What is Token Metrics? 

I think of Token Metrics as a swiss army knife of tools for investing in crypto. There are so many tools that are beneficial and useful for the beginner and advanced trader/investor in crypto. Token Metrics takes advantage of AI (Artificial Intelligence) learning and old school fundamental trading strategies to hone in on the hidden gems, 100x'ers, buy/sell, long/short trades and investments. If you are a long term investor and you want to just buy and hodl, there are tools that Token Metrics offers to help you make better decisions. If you are active investor that likes to reallocate funds every quarter or month, Token Metrics has tools for you. If you are a swing trader and are looking for optimal times to buy and sell, Token Metrics has the tools for you. If you are a full time trader, constantly checking prices, and glued to your computer or phone, Token Metrics has the tools for you. 

Token Metrics is like a whole entire investment team at your disposal on speed dial. Any time you want to look up the best ranking tokens and coins, you can pull up the Token Metrics Ratings 

Can Token Metrics help Weed out and avoid Scams?

Unfortunately, the crypto world has attracted a lot of scammers. People who are trying to take advantage of others by pretty much stealing your money. Some can be very sophisticated and even hard to see for an experienced crypto trader. Fortunately, with the Token Metrics team and AI working together, every token listed on Token Metrics has in some way been reviewed and vetted. This will help weed out all the scams you find all over the internet. Protect your crypto. Don't fall victim to a scam. Use Token Metrics as your scam blocker. 

I'm new to crypto, do I need Token Metrics to get started?

The world of crypto can be very daunting for someone just starting off. There are a lot of scams (unfortunately) and mistakes to be made. Without someone to give you some guidance, you could end up losing a lot of money. You really need to be careful who you listen to. There are many people who claim to know what they are doing, and will tell you to invest in this token or that token, that will make you 1000% or 1,000,000% APR or 100 times your money. Token Metrics will help you be a smarter investor. With access to Token Metrics, it's like you have a friend with a giant super computer attached to his brain, and all the information is at your fingertips. 

What tools and features are available on Token Metrics?

As we mentioned before, Token Metrics is like a swiss army knife. It has all the tools you need to trade and invest in crypto at your fingertips. Take a look at some of the tools that we use on Token Metrics. Depending on your investing style, you may rely more heavily on one more than another. But knowing that all of these tools are available is where all the magic happens. 

  • Price Prediction (30 days into the future price prediction)

Token Metrics Price Prediction Tool

  • Technical Analysis: All the charts you would use in TradingView, all summarized into one number. If you want the details, all of that is available too (ie:  EMAs, Oscillators, MACD, RSI, Candlestick patterns, and more).

Technical Analysis Summary

  • Fundamentals: All the research that would take you hours and hours, neatly summarized for each token. An overall score is given to each token to help give you an idea of the fundamentals for each token. Each segment is scored and then a final total score is given. This information is useful for tokens that you are not familiar with. Sure, you can do your own research, and you should, but Token Metrics has done all the digging for you. Just start with the information here and then venture into your search on the internet. 

  • Technology Review: The technology review section of Token Metrics is a score that grades how well the technology behind the token works. A token can pump up in price, but have horrible technology. Usually, poor technology can be translated into a poor token. A poor token usually cannot sustain pumped up prices, so having good technology behind a token is important for long term usability. A token with good technology normally will translate into a better performing token. Token Metrics has dived into the details of the code and gives an overall technology score. You can yourself do your own research and review all the information if you find it necessary in your investment decision making.

  • Performance Metrics Review: How well has the token performed historically. All the information you need is neatly summarized in this section. You can compare how each token compares to Bitcoin.

  • Correlation: This section gives you the closeness in performance of the token you are reviewing compared to other tokens on the market. A good rule of them in diversifiying your portfolio, is to have coins that are not close in correlation. This will help hedge your bet in case a portion of your portfolio does not perform well. 

Token Metrics Coin RATING Grade:

This is a great tool that I use several times a day. The Token Metrics "Grade" is an overall grade that combines some price prediction and AI machine learning scores to give an overall TM grade. There are 2 views, Short Term (Trader) and Mid/Long Term (Value Investor).

Short Term Trading:

On a daily basis, I use this tool to search for quick day trades. Something I can buy and sell within a day or so. If the price goes up between 5% to 20%, I'm selling to make a quick profit. I'm not planning to hold these coins for very long. I normally will do some quick research to make sure it's a legit coin. Then I check the price prediction tool and check the price history. If the Token Metrics Grade score is above 80%, then I'm interested. Anything lower, then I'll probably wait for the next fish to catch. 

Token Metrics - Daily Pick

From the Daily Trade pick, ABBC Coin showed up as the top daily pick. The overall Token Metrics Grade is 77.6% which is Okay. I would prefer to find a coin above 80% for the Token Metrics Grade. But this is what's available at the moment, so let's take a look. When you dive deeper in the the Token Metrics details, you can see ABBC coin does not score as well on the weekly or monthly time frame. So it's a quick up and then down for this coin. But at this point, I'm on the border of buy or not buy. Next, I look at the price history and price prediction model.

The current price is at $0.28. The price yesterday was $0.25. The predicted price for tomorrow is still $0.25. So I conclude that the Token Metrics Daily Rating Grade was smart enough to know that a 12% bump was coming. Unfortunately, I already missed that opportunity by the time I am seeing this pick. The Price Prediction model has not been updated to reflect the $0.28 price yet (since it updates daily). It probably will update tomorrow, and even though the model is showing 90% accuracy, but I don't know if it will continue to rise or if something else might happen to the price. So I feel like I missed this buying opportunity, so I will pass on this buy.  Time to look for the next fish.

Mid to Long Term Investing:

I also use this section to see if there's any coins I want to add to my long term portfolio. I will change the time setting to "Value Investor" and switch between monthly, quarterly and yearly. If I find a coin that shows up in all 3 time frames, then this is a coin I'm interested in and add to my watchlist. I would set price alerts to remind myself to buy when the price dips. So coins like Chainlink, Theta and Synthetix show up as good picks. These are coins I would recommend as good bag coins as these are expected to increase is value over the longer time frame. 

Token Metrics Long Term Picks

Check back and see how the Token Metrics Grade is doing every so often. Check on the price and price prediction. Set price goals and actions ahead of time. When those goals are met, take some profits.

How to use the Token Metrics Indices (Portfolio Picker):

Start by picking your time frame. Do you want to find some coins to add into your portfolio for a week to 30 days (Trader) or do you want to find some long term picks to keep for a month to a year (Value Investor)?

Next will be to select the exchange you prefer. If you have accounts with all these exchanges, then leave it on the default "All Exchanges". 

Keep in mind these indices get updated periodically, so check back to see if the indices recommend a reallocation. So update daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly. 

Portfolio (My Investments):

This is a great tool to be able to tract the coins in your portfolio. It's pretty easy to setup. Just type in the token name, date purchased, and number of tokens. Here you will find a neat way to see how your assets are performing. You can see all your token's Token Metric grades. It's a great way to tract your portfolio growth. Add some notes to remind yourself of when you want to sell and take profits. 


(UPDATE: See how I'm using the Token Metrics monthly index to grow $10,000 into $1,000,000 in about 10 months with minimal work without getting rekt. Follow along on my trades here: $10k to $1Million Challenge.

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