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How to Setup THETA EDGE NODE to Collect TFUEL Token (Theta Fuel) - Passive Income (Step by Step) Windows & MacOS. Where to Download Pre-Elite Edge Node Staking Mining

How to Setup THETA EDGE NODE to Collect TFUEL Token (Theta Fuel) 

- Passive Income (Step by Step) Windows & MacOS 
Where to Download
Pre-Elite Edge Node Staking

macOS Download here:

Windows Download here:

Step 1:

Download the Windows or MacOS application on your computer

Step 2:

Open the file and install the software on your computer (double click the file you downloaded in step 1)

Step 3:

Allow the Theta Edge Node software to run on your computer (Windows or MacOS may ask you to allow the app to run the program. Hit Accept.)

Step 4:

You will be asked to enter your Theta Wallet address. This is the wallet you want to receive your TFUEL earned through watching, broadcasting, or staking on the Theta Edge Node. (See here if you need instructions on setting up your Theta Wallet.)


Now you are setup to start earning TFUEL using the Theta Edge Node. 

Note: You need to keep your computer on and the Theta Edge Node program running in order to earn more TFUEL. 

How to Stake your TFUEL to earn more TFUEL? Staking TFUEL instructions (Step by Step)

Step 1: 

Go through the above process to setup your Theta Edge Node.

Step 2:

Click on "Stake TFUEL"

Note: A minimum of 10,000 TFUEL is required to stake. And a maximum of 500,000 TFUEL is allowed.

Step 3:
Type the amount of TFUEL you want to stake and hit the "Stake TFUEL" button

Your TFUEL rewards will updated twice per day and be sent at the end of the month.

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