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How to Stake Audio Token (Audius) - What is the APY/Interest? Is it worth it? Staking Guide

How to Stake Audio Token (Audius)

1. Visit and hit "Explore The Dashboard"

2. Next, click on "Services"

3. Scroll down to the section labeled "Top Address by Voting Weight" and click on "View Leaderboard"

4. Here you will see a list of Node Operator where you will select where you want to stake your Audio Token. You can compare the different rates that each Node Operator charges (aka: "Deployer Cut"). You may see rates between 5% to 10%. 

5. When you find a Node Operator that you would like to use to stake your Audio, login to your Metamask wallet. From your browser, click on "Connect Metamask."

6. You will be prompted to Open Metamask and login to your Metamask account

7. Once you are signed into Metamask, you will want to make sure your Audio Token is in the Metamask wallet that is connected

8. Then go back to the Node Operator and hit "Delegate"

9. Next Confirm with Metamask (make sure you have some Eth in your Metamask Wallet to pay for gas fees)

10. Next click on Stake and confirm with Metamask again (wait a few minutes for the transaction to go through)


You will be able to go back to the Overview to see how much you have staked and how much you are currently earning.

The current Estimated Annual Reward Rate is 24%. This number may change, but the earlier you get in, the better the rate will be. I've seen the rate as high as 30%. 24% is a still a great rate and if you plan to hold the Audio Token for some time, this is a great way to grow you Audio bag. 

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