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How to Fix the Metamask Error "No keyring found for the requested account" on Desktop and Mobile - Uniswap, 1inch, Sushiswap

How to Fix the Metamask Error "No keyring found for the requested account" on Desktop and Mobile

If you have the following error message, do not worry, this can be fixed. See below step by step, how to fix this error message.

Transaction error:
"No keyring found for the requested account. Error info: There are no keyrings; There are keyrings, but none match the address;"
Step 1: Hit your identicon, then "lock." 

Step 2: Enter your password to unlock your account

Step 3: Try sending the transaction again

For desktop browser users: 
If the transaction does not go through, you can try closing out your browser and reopening it and attempting the transaction again.

For mobile app users:
If you are using your mobile phone, and it still does not work, try to force close the app from your phone's app settings. Then reopen Metamask and try again.

Step 4: If you tried the transaction again and it still does not work, then uninstall Metamask, and reinstall it. (You will need to verify your Metmask account once installed.)

Step 5: Try the transaction again and it should go through

Hopefully this solves your problems and there should be no issue going forward. 

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