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How to Fix Theta Guardian Node - Stuck Syncing Spinning Wheel Wont Sync (Step by Step) Quick & Easy Fix

What to do when your Theta Guardian Node is not syncing and how to fix it (Step by Step)

If you see your Guardian Node with the spinning circle and it's not syncing after waiting more than 30 minutes to 1 hour,  you will need to take some steps to get it fixed.

Theta Guardian Node Stuck Syncing

Let's go through the step by step process to fix the syncing problem on your Theta Guardian Node program.

Step 1:

From the top of the Menu tab click on "Node" and then select "Delete Node Database"

Step 2:

A pop up window will appear and ask you to confirm. Hit "Delete Database" and then the Theta Guardian Node program will restart.

Step 3:

Wait for the Theta Guardian Node program to open back up. You will first see the status "Downloading snapshot" and then "Validating snapshot"

Finally you will see that status change to "Loading snapshot" and this will be the final step.

This normally will work and you should be good to go. Everything should be working as normal.

Feel free to contact the Theta's Telegram for additional questions.

Alternatively, you can try changing the performance tier.

Click on Info>Performance Tier>Try "Standard" or "Premium"

(Instead of the Platinum Tier, which may require faster internet speed or processing speed on your computer.)


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