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Where to Buy TFuel and Theta Token easy and Fast - No KYC

Where can you Buy TFUEL and Theta Token?

Buy Here through Simpleswap

Check out many of the other trading pairs with great exchange rates

You will need to setup a Theta Wallet:
to store the Theta Token or TFUEL.

Instructions on How to use SimpleSwap

Step 1: Select the cryptocurrency you want to use to trade in exchange for Theta Token or TFUEL

Step 2: Input how many tokens you want to exchange (ie: 2 ETH) into "You Send"

Step 3: Select if you want Theta Token (Theta) or TFUEL (Theta Fuel)

Step 4: Check off "I agree with Terms of Service and Privacy Policy."

Step 5: Hit the "Exchange" button

Step 6: Enter the recipient's Theta Fuel Address (this is your public address from your Theta Wallet)

Step 7: Next you will be prompted to send your crypto to an address. (You can copy and paste the Address or scan the QR code from the wallet you are sending the funds from.)

Step 8: Wait several minutes depending on the network speed and the Theta Token or TFUEL should show up in your Theta Wallet. 


Note: Double check the address before you send any funds.

Who is SimpleSwap? Are they reliable and secure? 

SimpleSwap is a crypto exchange that has been around since 2018. They do not require any login or KYC. You may be able to find specific cryptos that you cannot find on other centralized exchanges. 

Theta Price Predictions

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