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How does Token Metrics AI and Machine learning work?

Welcome to my review of where I will review my experience with Token Metrics. I will walk you step by step on my journey through trading and investing using Token Metrics. Then you can decide if this is the right tool for you to use in your investing/trading strategy. Note, I am not a financial advisor and none of the content on this website is to be used as financial advice. 

"The Token Metrics platform uses deep learning neural networks to continually improve our underlying cryptocurrency rating algorithms the same way Google did with AlphaGo. 
The more valuable data we feed it the smarter it gets and we here at Token Metrics have worked out incredibly valuable data points throughout the years to feed it!     
We’re currently leveraging genetic algorithms in our machine learning models.           
Now stay with us here, it's going to get a bit technical!   
A genetic algorithm is an algorithmic search process that is inspired by Charles Darwin’s theory of natural evolution.     
This algorithm reflects the process of natural selection, where the fittest individuals are chosen for reproduction to produce the healthiest offspring in future generations.            
The process of natural selection starts with the selection of the fittest individuals from a population.      
They produce offspring which inherit the characteristics of the parents and become part of the next generation.     
If the parents had the best fitness in the last generation, their offspring will have better fitness than the parents and have a better chance of surviving.              
This process keeps on iterating, and in the end, we settle upon a generation with the fittest individuals.   
n addition to applying genetic algorithms to crypto, we’re exploring using particle-swarm optimization algorithms to crypto as well.         
Particle Swarm Optimization belongs to the field of Swarm Intelligence and Collective Intelligence.              
Particle Swarm Optimization comes from the social foraging behavior of some animals, such as the flocking behavior of birds and the schooling behavior of fish.
Machine learning is going to be paramount to the success of Token Metrics, and that’s why we’ve put together a strong data science team, that includes with Aagam Jain, a machine learning engineer.
Aagam is world renown for his performance in machine learning competitions.
He also makes sure our reinforcement algorithms are working smoothly.  
The way that our algorithms work is that we start with our experience of investing in hundreds of cryptocurrencies in the last three years.       
We score our performance as a benchmark.      
We then create an initial random population of 100 algorithms. Think of this as having 100 brothers and sisters.      
We test the accuracy of those 100 algorithms and declare winners.   
The winners being the models that had the highest accuracy in predictions that led to better investment performance.      
We then take the winning models, whether our expert opinion, or those from the initial random population, and create a second generation of another 100 algorithms, which we can call the offspring.
In other words, the best winning models create 100 new models inspired by the fittest models, just like with evolutionary natural selection.      
Token Metrics creates over 500 generations a day.   
Every single day.   
That's 500 multiplied by 100 children equating to 50,000 total models created a day to find the most optimum models.     
And that’s just for fundamental analysis.   
We do the same thing for technical analysis, technology and code reviews, as well as our final grades.      
That amounts to 200,000 total models a day across those four segments.      
That’s a ton of data, and that’s just for one single cryptocurrency.   
We replicate this for ALL other cryptocurrencies out there!      
That means we run 20 million models a day combined for the 100 cryptocurrencies we have in our system at the moment, and those numbers are growing with each new cryptocurrency we add.   
We don’t think anyone in crypto has done anything like this, at this scale, and made it available to the public!      
Our platform never stops trying to optimize towards a better performing model.     
The very next day, we continue the process, with the best performing model from yesterday.   
Imagine how smart these models will get after every day.       
We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all machine learning model.       
That’s why we create unique machine learning models for every cryptocurrency because we examine every individualized data point, no stone left unturned.      
This is similar to Charles Darwin’s natural selection.   
Over several generations mother nature selects the strongest traits in a species.   
This leads to drastic physical changes and gives species things like quills on a porcupine or thumbs on humans.   
This could take hundreds of years, our algorithms allow us to recognize and achieve these drastic changes to our models overnight.       
Humans cannot compete with this firepower and this is why AI is the future.      
Humans have no way to learn from that many mistakes.       
Humans make 5,000 trades over the course of 5 years and adjust and learn based on these.       
If your phone can recognize your face and understand who you are, why can’t machines recognize the price movement in charts or the data points that matter in selecting a cryptocurrency?     
AI is inevitably a better problem solver than us.   
Our job is going to be to define the problem at Token Metrics then our machine learning models will solve it.       
So with Token Metrics, you get the benefits of quant trading and the constant improvement of machine learning, all in one platform. Without having to be a developer!      
That’s why Token Metrics is the only platform you’ll ever need to make profits in crypto.      
It will always be working hard 24/7 for your assets, every second of every minute of every day.     
But it’s not just about trading.       
As we're sure you know, over the long term, asset selection also plays a significant role.   
Buy and hold for the right time frame can produce truly momentous returns.      
With Token Metrics, you get the fast profits of trading with the slow, oversized profits of buy and hold.

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