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Welcome to my review of where I review my experiences with Token Metrics. I will walk you step by step on my journey through trading and investing in crypto using Token Metrics. Then you can decide if this is the right tool for you to use in your investing/trading strategy. Note, I am not a financial advisor and none of the content on this website is to be used as financial advice. Links on this site may contain my referral links. 

Are you looking for a crypto price prediction tool? Want to know the price of your favorite crypto in the future? If so, then keep reading on below.

There are quite a few price prediction tools out there on the market. If you open and scroll to the bottom of the page for some of the most popular cryptos, you'll find some indicators and price predictors. Trading View also has some tools available. So how accurate are these price prediction tools and how can it accurately predict future prices? Most price prediction models and tools are based on historical price. That means most models look at trends and patterns from past price performance to try to predict future prices. This is actually a decent way to predict price, since the average investor looks at the same information. So on a macro level, past price history is a pretty good indicator of future price. 

So how does Token Metrics compare to some of these other models out on the market. The Token Metrics 30 day price prediction model is also based on past price history. So it should be in line with some of the other models available on the market. The part where Token Metrics surpasses other models is where Token Metrics uses thousands of data points that get funneled into the Token Metrics AI and Machine Learning models. This is the same technology that created the Watson computer that beat humans at Jeopardy and won $1,000,000 in 2011. This is the AI that can beat a human at chess and Go (Weiqi) and continues to learn and grow as it ages.  So with the power of Token Metrics, you have the tools to outperform the market when it comes to crypto. The thousands of data points come from technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and sentimental analysis. Imagine a powerful computer that can suck in all the data of the world through the internet (twitter feeds, news feeds, etc) and spit out actionable data on a simple graph. That is the power of Token Metrics. Token Metrics will give you that edge to outperform the market. 

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