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MetaMask Error - No chainId defined Solution How to Fix Step by Step (Uniswap, 1inch DEX)

How to Fix the MetaMask Error "No ChainID Defined" (Step by Step Instructions)

You found the best trade ever that is about to pump and moon. You need to make this trade fast. You jump in on Uniswap. Connect your Wallet. Click swap, hoping to make the best trade ever. And then you get this error "No chainId defined." OH NO! You just missed the best trade ever.

How to Fix the "No chainId defined." error on MetaMask mobile while connected to Uniswap/1inch/etc (may only apply to Mobile App):

Step 1:
Tap on "Ethereum Main Network" (appears under the word "Wallet")

Step 2:
Select any other network from the drop down menu

Step 3:
Change the network back to "Ethereum Main Network"


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