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What are the Best Launchpads to get Early Stage Projects that will have HUGE gains in 2021

What are the best Launchpads to get early Stage projects?

Here is a list of the top launchpads to find the next 100x coins.

Criteria to consider when investing in early stage products:
1. Do they have a good narrative? Is it easy to understand? Does it solve a real problem or have utility. 
2. Are there currently other larger related projects that are already popular. Are there alternatives that are in the top 50 coin market cap?

If the project can answer these questions with certainty, then it can make a very good project. Especially for this year in 2021. When the mentality for many investors is how do I make money in this bull market? Where can I invest my money and make 10x to 100x gains? 

Depending on which launchpad you use, there are different criteria for investors to be able to join in on upcoming projects. Criteria normally include a minimum amount of the native token for each launchpad project. Polkastarter requires POLS, Trustswap requires SWAP, and Duckdao requires DDIM tokens. 

How Long should I hold these coins after they have launched?

It really depends on your end goal. Some of these projects will imeditaly 1x to 3x as soon as they go on the market. Some will 10x within a few days or weeks.  So as an investor, I will need to decide when to take profits. Don't forget that these are highly speculative and can always go to $0. So only invest what you are willing to lose. Having said that, the potential gains are massive and can pay out in a short amount of time. 

Should I just invest in the launchpad native tokens?

You can just buy POLS, SWAP, or DDIM and not invest in the early stage projects. That means you have confidence the launchpads will continue to do well and fund more future projects. I personally think this is the safer, but less rewarding route to take. 

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