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Bitcoin Quotes by Michael Saylor - What you need to know about Bitcoin. Understanding Bitcoin as the Apex Predator - Most Pristine Asset in Existance

You can view Bitcoin as digital property, digital money, or digital energy. If you characterize it as digital property, then I bought a $500 million block of property in cyber space. If you characterize it as digital money, then I bought $500 million of a currency that nobody can print any more of. If you characterize it as digital energy, then we took analog energy and digitized it.

This is a pretty good idea to buy up all of cyber Manhattan before everybody else moves here.

How do you get rid of volatility? One Bitcoin is equal to one Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the most universally desirable property in space and time. It’s the property with the lowest maintenance cost.

But what do you call a company that has no employees or no maintenance cost? Bitcoin

So I look at Bitcoin and I think it’s a universal property. It’ll last forever. It’s very hard to seize. It’s very hard to tax. It’s easy to move. That makes it universally appealing.

It’s going to demonetize other assets. The assets it’s going to demonetize will be a function of the cultures it is within. 

I never really sell my Bitcoin in this case. I just generate a debt against my Bitcoin. We’re a little early here, but if your expense ratio is less than your expected appreciation over time, you never have to sell anything, ever. You can borrow against your assets from now until the end of eternity.

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