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CHALLENGE: $10,000 to $1MILLION using Token Metrics Indices - How to 100X in Crypto (1 Year Update)

CHALLENGE: $10,000 to $1MILLION using Token Metrics Indices - How to 100X in Crypto (1 Year Update)

As a challenge, I started my own test to start with $10,000 USD and traded them monthly by buying altcoins recommended by the Token Metrics Monthly indices. The beginning of the year worked really well, but mid way through, the same type of gains were harder and harder to achieve. It got to a point where I was pretty much running flat and then a negative month by ten months into the experiment. I decided to quit while I was ahead and just sat on my hands for the rest of the challenge. The challenge was still a success. I did not reach my $1 Million dollar goal in 1 year, but the outcome had still far exceeded my expectations. I started with $10,000 and ended up with $250,000. Roughly a 24x gain from my initial investment. 

This technique definitely worked well during a bull market. But during a bear market, the same type of outcome will be difficult to obtain. Bear markets are good for harvesting cash and getting ready for the next bull market. My prediction is that after this long winter, and Bitcoin havening takes place, then we should get ready for another bull market around 2024 to 2025. From now until then, stack cash. Sharpen your tools and get ready for another fun ride. Stay up to date and informed on the latest things going on in crypto. 

Token Metrics is still a great tool to have in your arsenal. Their team is actively working on improving services and included NFT valuations in their AI model. The next bull run is just around the corner and you want to be ready for it. 

Things to stay up to date on the next year or so will be Crypto Regulations, NFTs, Layer 1s, DEFI, and utility based cryptos. 

Good luck on your journey.