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Token Metrics 2022 Updates - Is it still worth it to buy a subscription?

I am going to review some of the latest updates to Token Metrics for the year.

There have been many updates to the website. There is a lot of tools and resources, so it can feel a bit overwhelming at first. So let's dive in and see what section has the most useful tools. 

The home page defaults you to the indices pages. 

As you can see in the heart of a crypto winter, all the daily indices have negative returns.

A similar situation for the weekly indices.

Many of the indices are recommending some form of stable coin, so there's not much to pick from at this point in time. But it is nice to be able to compare previous indices to current indices.

The market tab is packed with useful data to give a snapshot of where the crypto market is as a whole. There's even a general bearish or bullish indicator that helps give you a mental frame of where the market is going in general. 

Bitcoin Season versus Altcoin season:

This is related to the bitcoin dominance.

Annualized Historical Volatility:

This helps trades guage the volatility.

The live market section is something similar to coingecko or coinmarketcap.

Once you open up the details for any coin, you can get an in depth view of what's going on with that specific coin.

Price predictions is a great tool to look at. It's not a guaranteed number, but it's definitely a good guage to have when planning to buy or sell a coin.

The trading view access is a great addition to Token Metrics. This is a great value add. You can add all the tradingview indicators and use all the tools available to tradingview.

You can compare the Token Metrics trader grade:

versus the investor grade:

This chart has all the TM grades that are sortable by any criteria.

A recent addition to the Token Metrics website is NFT analysis. This tool can be quite useful in finding NFT gems that are under priced. The NFT tool grades the NFT collection and also determine if an NFT is underpriced compared to what it potentially can be sold for.

There is also another useful tool which is the Portfolio section. This can be manually uploaded or done through API or wallet address. It's a nice way to track your portfolio.

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